League Of Humane Voters California Chapter


The League of Humane Voters is a national organization that recognizes that animal protection requires laws and enforcement.  Our legislative representatives have the ability to pass and enforce laws to protect animals.

The League of Humane Voters is a strictly non-partisan organization that has endorses candidates  based on their expressed commitment to working with us on passing legislation to protect animals and on the strength of their electoral campaigns.

The League of Humane Voters California Chapter is the humane community's premier source for the most up-to-date information about legislation impacting animals in California.   The LOHVCa recently joined forces with PawPAC, a political action committee for animals in California with a long history.  Together, LOHVCa and PawPAC will be able to bring California animal advocates the most current and comprehensive information about legislation, legislators’ voting records, voter recommendations, and legislation and election results.

Please join us in order to receive important information and action alerts.

Thank you for taking action to hep the animals,

Alison Stanley, Ph.D.
Director, LOHVCa